What Our Clients Say About Us...

Abraham Wolf

President, Arbor, Inc.

On behalf of ARBOR, I want to thank you for the many facilitating contributions that you made during the process. Thanks again to you and Luntz, Suleiman for helping to bring our merger effort to a successful conclusion.

Vivianna Guzman
Chief Financial Officer, American Management Association
I cannot thank you enough for making this difficult transaction happen.  We had been at this for three years without being able to come to terms.  Once you were retained, your in-depth knowledge of the industry coupled with your creative and resourceful approach to overcome obstacles throughout the deal process were key to the completion of AMA’s divestiture of its division Padgett-Thompson to Rockhurst University, in record time.

You are more than a Banker and Advisor to AMA, you are a true friend looking at marketing and deal opportunities with commitment and passion.  Your in-depth analysis of our domestic and international operations has identified significant marketing and operating opportunities likely to leave a very positive mark for AMA in the near and long term.

Ian Angus
President, Angus Telemanagement, Inc.
…thank you for your invaluable assistance in selling the Incoming Call Center Management and Call Centre Canada conferences.  As a direct result of your participation the events were exposed to a wider range of potential buyers than we could have arranged, the purchase price as significantly higher than we had been hoping for, and the negotiations with the buyer went very smoothly and much more quickly than would otherwise have been the case.  Throughout the process, you were always available, by phone, pager, e-mail and fax, to advise us, to intervene in the negotiations when required.  Your advice on tricky issues was consistently right on the mark, and saved us from making many mistakes.  We might have sold the events on our own, but we certainly would not be this happy with the result.  You really earned your fee…

Jimmy Calano
Cofounder and former CEO,  CareerTrack
...I do not exaggerate when I say that Anver is the most knowledgeable, all-around consultant in the business -- and has been for the past twenty-five years.  He knows just about everything and everyone -- you simply won’t find anyone better.

John S. Connolly, Jr.
Chairman, Center for Management Research, Inc.
Anver has completed negotiations in situations where I personally felt there was little possibility for success - not only did I feel that Anver “won” for me, but he did so in an atmosphere where the other party ended up satisfied as well.

Ronal G. Borgman
former CEO, Council on Education Management
Following an unsuccessful year-long attempt to sell my seminar and conference company, using a New York investment banker, Anvers’ results were gratifying indeed.  His assessment of the salability of my company and the price available were both directly on target.  Anver delivered everything he promised, and more, and he did it on schedule.  The difference between the New York firm and Luntz, Suleiman was Anver’s peerless reputation in the seminar and conference business, his strong grasp of the potential for synergies between companies, and his ability to manage the sale process.

John Ignozza
former President, Data-Tech Institute
They have helped Data-Tech Institute get through difficult times, turn corners to develop and advance in our marketplace, and reach a smooth “landing” when professional assistance was needed.  I cannot say enough to express my feelings about their professionalism, integrity, creativity, and the positive results of their business knowledge and advice.

Edwin L. Phelps
President, Educational Services Institute
I was particularly impressed that you always gave me completely unbiased counsel even though in some cases that advice went against your own financial interests.  Your advice and counsel over the past five months have been invaluable.  You have seen us through many ups and downs during this period.  I’ve always felt you were by our side on every issue and were very creative with your ideas when we encountered problem situations.  I look forward to a continued relationship.

Glenn Shapiro
Chief Executive Officer, Executive Enterprise Institute
We screened quite a few investment bankers before settling on Luntz, Suleiman & Associates.  Truth be told, our selection process had more to do with Anver’s approach to our priorities than anything else.  Truly understanding our priorities and concerns, Anver led us through an intense and exciting process, always reminding us to keep our priorities top of mind.  The process was more akin to expert marriage counseling than anything else, as we work hard together in search of compatibility and chemistry, along with an attractive financial package.  We were fortunate to have a talented guide to successfully take us through the maze.

Thanks Anver for your great assistance and insights.  I cannot image anyone working harder, understanding us better, or helping us more through a very complex process.  I will be delighted to be a reference for the next 30 years (or more).

Susan Sarfati
President & CEO, Greater Washington Society of Association Executives
I have been successful in marketing efforts throughout my career and I realize that I owe a very large part of this success to what I have learned and continue to learn from Anver.  It continues to be an honor to recommend Anver to colleagues without reservation.


James F. Holden

Chief Executive Officer, Holden Corporation and

Chris and I wanted to take a few moments to thank you and your team for all the assistance in merging Holden Corporation and with EPS Solutions.  It was truly a team effort, but your role was a critical one in identifying possible opportunities, evaluating them and then managing the process. In particular was your willingness to do whatever was necessary, even when it conflicted with your personal plans. That type of dedication is rare these days and was a key factor in getting the deal done under favorable terms. 

Equally impressive was your team, in particular Cindy, who is such a good support resource to you and therefore, to your clients.  In addition, the research your office provided was important to creating a valuation for  Please acknowledge them for us. 

When we first met, I thought that your organization helped people buy or sell businesses.  Now, it’s clear that your real business is quite different – we see you as enhancing the personal and professional future of your clients and their businesses, which involves buying and selling companies.  For us, there is a very real difference.  Holden’s future is now more secure than ever and Chris and I are doing more of what we really enjoy in life. 

Lastly, you and Cindy mean a lot to us as new friends, a relationship that we very much value. 


William J. Doherty

President, ICDevents, Inc.

When you love your work, it truly shows!  I have had the privilege to work with Luntz, Suleiman and Associates this past year.  The thoughtful and encouraging things that Anver and his staff do each day have had an accumulated effect on my future.  Anver’s wealth of knowledge about the conference and tradeshow industry, along with his strong network of industry leaders, has opened doors for me that I once considered closed. 

David A. Korse

President and Chief Executive Officer, Imark Communications

If it hadn’t been for you and Luntz, Suleiman, we might have missed the opportunity to compete for the opportunity to make the deal.  And, when things got a little difficult during negotiations, your professional competence and superior people and negotiating skills helped both sides keep their focus on the ultimate goal to get the deal done.  I can’t think of higher praise! 

This is the second acquisition we have made with your help, and the first with you on “our side” of the process.  I guess if we hadn’t been impressed with you and your firm during the acquisition of the ATM Year events in 1997, we wouldn’t have retained you to represent us for Interactive.  

Brad Cleveland

President & Chief Executive Officer, Incoming Calls Management Institute

I want to thank you and the entire team at Luntz, Suleiman & Associates for your outstanding service and professionalism in representing ICMI while we were being courted and eventually acquired by CMP Media. 

There were several factors that made this sale particularly challenging: my heavy international travel schedule during negotiations and due-diligence (thanks for the all-hours availability!); the distributed team on their side and ours; the buyer being a U.S. division of a London-based public company; the fact that our financials, though acceptable, reflected the challenging economic climate of prior years; the reality that we are small yet complex in our operations and services. The end result was a successful sale done right, in a timely manner, with the t's crossed and i's dotted. And the attractive offer was directly due to your superb leadership and negotiation skills. 

As you know, our business is customer service training and consulting -- service has to be very good for me to give a high rating. On a scale of 1 to 10, you and your team earned a 12! Thank you, again! 

Irvine Laidlaw

President, Institute for International Research 

he deals they have brought us recently have proved to be outstanding acquisitions, by far the best we have done. They have helped the vendor and buyer structure them to a win/win mode, leaving both sides satisfied. 

William A. Draves

President, LERN (Learning Resources Network)

Anver Suleiman is today recognized by the many of us who have studied and learned from him to be the authority on seminars and conferences.  He has influenced a whole generation of seminar providers, and the results of his ideas are to be found everywhere. 

Carl Pugh

President & COO, Mecklermedia Corporation

...conduct all business dealings in the most open and honest manner, never holding anything back, always giving 100% regardless of the circumstances. 

Raymond D. Green

Chief Executive Officer, Paradigm Learning

The acquisition you helped us negotiate with Irwin & Browning was a real mark of brilliance.  It seemed to be a deal that was stuck and about to fall apart, and I had no idea how to make it move.  Your professional assistance, creative ideas, and calm counsel made an impossible deal a workable deal, as Paradigm acquired the product Neon Buzz. 

Your persistence in keeping Ed Phelps, Phelps Enterprises and Paradigm Learning in social contact with each other paid off, at last, when Ed bought a minority portion in Paradigm Learning and became a major contributor and partner, both financially and intellectually. 

Both of these transactions were handled in a most professional manner.  The integrity of yourself and your colleagues in your firm has earned the trust and friendship of Paradigm Learning.  We look forward to our continued association. 


Linda H. Baysari

Director of Conferences and Meetings, PCBC Western Building Show

1996 will mark the largest and most successful show in our 38 year history.  We reached this milestone by actively and aggressively changing the way we do business and you were the agent in that change.  Your guidance, analysis and creative vision have helped us set a new standard in everything we do. 

Wayne L. Kost

President & Chief Executive Officer, Philip Crosby Associates II, Inc.

I cannot fully express my appreciation for your work and the efforts of the LSA staff in helping us achieve a successful sale of Philip Crosby Associates II, Inc. 

While I know that this was hardly the largest transaction you have been involved in, it surely must have been one of the more complex, involving multiple constituencies and differing points of view.  Your ability to draw the divergent people together and help us present a united front in the marketplace was clearly a factor in our success. 

Victor J. Rubino

Executive Director, Practising Law Institute

Just a note to say what a tremendous difference your have made in our operations since you started consulting with us.  Your advice and availability to not only me but everyone on the marketing and professional staff have been right on target.  We are also very pleased with our first-ever acquisition and the role you played, and look forward to continuing this terrific relationship. 

William C. Taylor

President, Saddle Island Corporation & Institute

Structuring the purchase of University Seminar Center from Goldhirsh Group, creating the joint venture with Harvard University, the formation of HealthCareAmerica and now HR5000, and especially the spark that launched Saddle Island Institute as our own brand name; none of this would have gone forward without your ideas and guidance. 

For me the defining characteristic of our business relationship has always been complete trust.  This has made every minute of our work together both highly fruitful and a pleasure.  I look forward to much more of the same. 

Andrew C. Saxlehner, MBA, CPA

Founder & Former President, The SEC Institute, Inc.

Thank you, Anver!  And I would like to thank everyone who helped in bringing this deal to a mutually satisfactory conclusion!

Jim & Jean Johnson

Founders, The Super Floral Show

We have deeply appreciated your counsel, expertise, cheerleading and friendship throughout the year-long process of selling the Super Floral Show.  Your availability and support, especially during those times when we hit some turbulence, strengthened our resolve.  And, your steadfast loyalty as we persevered through what has been our biggest business decision, will always be remembered. 

Martin J. Mannion

General Partner, Summit Partners

Thank you very much for your assistance in the sale of Educational Services to IIR.  Your industry knowledge in identifying potential partners, along with your experience in making deals come together, was invaluable throughout the process.  The sale of ESI occurred more quickly than we ever imagined with an excellent outcome for our first foray into the education and training industry. 

Tony Shaw

President, Technology Transfer Institute 

The ATM Conference and Exhibit series has found a good home, and we have reached our goals, almost entirely due to your efforts.  Having not been involved in the sale of an event before, we really did not know how to proceed, or what to expect.  I’m not sure how we could have made it through without your guidance, and the tireless support of the Luntz, Suleiman team.  Your appreciation for our objectives enabled the whole transaction to move ahead more easily.  You found us the right buyer, at a wonderful price, in far less time than we expected.  We could not have asked for anything more! 

Wayne Middleton

CEO, TechWell Corporation

Throughout the process of selling our events and services company -- which took much longer than we expected -- Anver Suleiman and his team worked tirelessly toward the most beneficial result for our shareholders. Anver reported each Saturday on events and contacts of the week, and offered invaluable advice about potential buyers, company operations, delicate negotiations, and much more.

In the end, we closed the sale with a fair price and god terms while helping our shareholders meet their personal goals for the transaction. It was a win-win for the sellers, the buyers, and the company. Bravo!

Scott B. Parry, PhD  Chairman, Training House Three months ago I signed the purchase agreement that completed a two-year search on your part to find the right party to acquire Training House.  And HRD Press is proving to be the right party…I am grateful for your patience in continuing the search after I had rejected offers from several other firms, and especially thankful for your sensitivity to the qualities we were looking for in an acquisition partner. 

Leonard Kleinrock

(Dr. Kleinrock is one of the four co-founders of the Internet), Chairman, TTI/Vanguard  Your teams at Luntz, Suleiman & Associates and Whitestone Communications did an outstanding job in bringing us a well-qualified buyer who paid a solid price for our company, who acted professionally, honestly and expeditiously and who was a pleasure to deal with.  Your extreme care, excellent advice and focus on the overall goal helped us enormously to overcome some very significant personnel and timing problems we faced in resolving all the differing drivers and motivations to a successful conclusion.  I imagine this was a small transaction for you, but probably one of the most time-consuming, frustrating and complex you have navigated.  I cannot thank you enough for your continual support, guidance, availability, friendship and total dedication.

John Stuttard

Senior Vice President, UBM Live

Thank you so much for bringing Catersource to our attention.  I am extremely happy with the acquisition. It has proven to be just as good a business as we had hoped and anticipated.  …You were a constant and helpful guide through the months of diligence.  It was really very helpful to have you there to fall back on when negotiations got difficult, as they inevitably and always do in such deals.  You were a real gentleman throughout, a very wise counselor, and socially it was fun to get to know you and Cindy. Doing a deal with you as broker felt more like I was dealing with a friend.

Jim Sugarman

I had the pleasure of meeting Anver about 7 years ago when my business partner and I were trying to sell our trade show company. Needless to say, I was extremely impressed with his knowledge of the trade show business -- but even more impressed with his integrity and professional demeanor.

Just recently, I e-mailed Anver to ask him if he knew of any trade shows for sale. Sure enough, within 2 days he found one for sale and I am now in the process of acquiring the show that has been produced for 30 years.

Thank you, Anver!