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What We Do

Luntz, Suleiman & Associates, Inc. (LSA) is a consulting and investment banking firm specializing in the training, education, exposition and information industries.  LSA advises and assists companies seeking to acquire or divest businesses, form strategic alliances, raise capital, or prepare for future acquisition.  LSA's services include strategic business consultation, mergers & acquisitions, valuation services, strategic alliances, executive recruitment and speaking engagements.

Over the years LSA has developed a highly systemized approach to working with sellers to present their companies and properties to buyers for maximum value, minimum risk and smooth transitions.  


Is Now a Good Time to Buy?

Maybe.  Here are some factors to include in your risk/return calculation.

  1. Do you have available cash or low interest credit that you can deploy with comfort?
  2. Do you have a firm conviction on when the COVID 19 threat will end?  Can you set up to weather that period?
  3. Can you do the analysis to know whether a target business is actually healthy and the owner is selling because they don't have the financial resources to get through the pandemic, or are they selling for some other reason?
  4. If you believe that you are getting a bargain price for a business do you have a plan for how to restore its value?
  5. Are you and your investors prepared for the possibility of a drop in value below what you may have paid for the business before your turn-around plan succeeds?
  6. Can the investment, if all goes reasonably well, return a much larger multiple on your money than other current opportunities?

If so, we can help you find and negotiate the purchase of real buying opportunities.


LSA Exit Strategies Clinics

LSA is now hosting semi-annual clinics in New York and Florida for business owners ready to explore their business and exit strategies, and will cover all that a sale encompasses from preparation to closing in the one-day session.

For more details or to receive scheduling information, click the link below and use "Clinic" as your subject line.


Referral Fees

In addition to sponsoring networking and attendance at major industry conferences and expositions, LSA pays generous referral fees to those introducing us to potential sellers. Referral fees are paid upon successful completion of a sale.

Complimentary Valuation


If you would like a complimentary ballpark valuation of your company, click the link below and use "Valuation" as your subject line.


  • 27.  Create a timeline and schedule action items.
  • 32.  Investigate doing an ESOP.
  • 49.  Identify all possible re-castables (adding back to profit expenses a buyer will not have).
  • 57.  Understand the "pre-emptive bid".
  • 74.  Consider accretive acquisitions.
  • 86.  Talk to others who have similarly sold.

Click below to download the complete updated 111+ Things To Do Before Selling Your Company.